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Chipping in for Better Chips

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This week marked ‘Chip Week’ in the UK, February 20th-26th, 2012. So help celebrate by checking out their collection of funky chip recipes through the decades, like these ones Here. Or have your hand at cooking or eating some of your own tasty Chips at home!

There is no doubt about it, us Kiwi’s love our hot Chips. Around 7 million serves of chips are cooked up and consumed here in NZ every week. With their high fat and salt, content, eating these every day can be very problematic to your health.  A few years back a bunch of guys at The Chip Group came up with a solution: To produce healthier potato chips in the hope to improve the health of this country.

The Chip Group is a New Zealand association which includes everyone involved in the production of a Potato Chip. From those growing the potato, to chip and oil manufacturers, to equipment suppliers right through to the cooking.  Their main goal is “To improve the nutritional status of deep-fried chips served by the New Zealand food service, by reducing fat (total and saturated) and salt content.” Read more about some of the great stuff we are doing here.