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MIT Students empowered to fry!

An engaged group of students from Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) are now fully equipped with deep-frying skills after recently completing the interactive Chip Group training session. On Tuesday 17 April the Chip Group Training and Education Manager – Kate

Strong demand for Chip Group Training

Following our biggest ever training last year in February, we are thrilled to have built a strong supportive training relationship with Compass Group NZ, who are a national food and support services provider responsible for a number of different sites

How big is a scoop of chips and why does it matter?

  This age-old question has plagued both chip shop operators and their customers for many years. How big really is a scoop of chips? The term ‘scoop’ is used as a measurement in any fish and chip shops across New

What is the secret to the perfect hot chip?

For many Kiwis, it’s their favourite meal. Fish and Chips. But when it comes to hot chips, how little is too little, and how many is too many? Listen to Lloyd Burr talk interview Kate Underwood (Chip Group Training & : The great Kiwi mystery – just how big is a scoop of chips? JONO GALUSZKA (pictured above)  Last updated 17:22, January 17 2018 A classic Kiwiana culinary measurement is under scrutiny, with an industry educator calling for a scoop of chips to become standardised. A Stuff survey of five fish ‘n chip shops in

Healthy Families Invercargill Supporting Healthier Chips

It’s a Kiwi tradition – the Friday night fish and chips. But now it’s being made healthier and tastier, thanks to chip training organised by Healthy Families Invercargill and run by The Chip Group. Operators from about 10 takeaway businesses

Otago Polytech Students all the wiser with the fryer.

  In the month of September down in the mighty south an eager group of students from Otago Polytechnic were equipped with the best deep-frying knowledge in the country. A group of twenty Level 2 Bachelor of Culinary Arts students interviews So Fine Seafoods

Anthony Cho of So Fine Seafoods in Lower Hutt – Our 2017 Best Chip Shop Competition Grand National Winner – shares what it takes to become an award-winning operator and why following  The Chip Group’s training tips can help produce better

Taranaki local impressed with Okato Takeaways

Great article in the Taranaki Daily News celebrating Okato Takeaways – 2017 Best Chip Shop Competition – Regional Winner for the Central Region. Click below to read the full article…

So Fine Seafoods crowned Grand National Winner!

So Fine Seafoods - Grant National Winner son Best Chip Shop Competition 2017

Over 150 conference delegates and all 7 Regional Winners attended the Potatoes New Zealand Awards Dinner, in Pukekohe on 26 July 2017, where the Best Chip Shop Competition awards were presented. After fat sampling and 2 rounds of mystery shopping…