Once an oil is approved – we need to tell people about it!

Consumers are very aware that some frying mediums (oils) are better for their health that others, so if you are cooking with an approved oil it would be excellent if you could tell your customers. It goes without saying that oil manufacturers have to tell the operators if they are offering approved oils!

To make it easy for both operators and manufacturers we have two logos that may be displayed in store and on the oil packaging respectively!


Contact the oil supplier for further information on each product. Look out for The Chip Group oil logo on approved oils. If you are using an approved oil, then you can tell your customers by displaying the approved oil message in store.


Look for The Chip Group oil logo at your local takeaway.

Approved Logos that can be used:

Approved Oil Logo that companies can display on their approved product
This is the logo operators may display to show they are cooking with approved oils.