• The fat content of hot chips depends on both the thickness and the cut of the chips.
  • Thick-cut chips (>12mm) absorb less fat than thin-cut chips.
  • The Ministry of Health recommends adults eat about 60g fat each day.

Surveys (2007, 2008)

Results for New Zealand fastfood outlets:

Chip Type / Size Average Total Fat Content g/100g
Straight cut 6-7mm (shoestring) 15.37
Crinkle cut 13mm 12.31
Straight cut 10mm 11.30
Straight cut 13mm 9.99
Wedges 6.56

An average portion of chips contained 48g of fat; this is about 80% of the amount of fat adults are recommended to eat each day.


Use thick straight cut chips, at least 13 mm