Do you want to be that GREAT CHIP SHOP people go to in your area?

Do you want your customers to SEARCH for your shop amongst the best in the business?

Do you want MORE satisfied, happier customers?

Do you want to be part of our NEW techno savvy application?

Do you want to PROMOTE your better tasting chips?

Then it’s time you got your business pinned on The Chip Group’s NZ Map! 

How it works

  1. Complete the Online Training: sign up with your email, log in and get started here.
  2. Print your certificate and display it proudly in your Chip Shop. For details about how to print it go here.

This service is FREE – you don’t have to pay a cent! It’s our congratulations to you for taking the effort to train!!!

It’s that simple! Don’t miss this opportunity to get your shop noticed by the people of the public, and help make it easier for all those chip-loving Kiwi’s to make healthier choices and purchase their hot chips from a Chip Group trained operator!

Note: The chip sample and lab testing process can take a while. Please be patient, if you have not heard anything in a while just send us a message and we will check up on your chips!