The Chip Group approves oils that meet the Industry Standards

Our aim is to make it easier for operators to cook better chips – and that means giving guidance on which oils are likely to produce healthier chips. As a way of making it easier for foodservice operators and chefs to choose better deep-frying oils, this list contains brands of oils that have been approved by the Chip Group. These oils have been analysed by independent laboratories.

The Chip Group invites oil manufacturers to submit oils for analysis, upon approval these oils are added to The Chip Group approved oil list. Operators are encouraged to tell their customers that they are using an approved oil.

The Industry Standard for oils is:

Use a frying oil that meets the Industry Standard:

Saturated fat – maximum 28%
Trans fat – maximum 1%
Linolenic acid – maximum 3%.

These may include high oleic sunflower oil, high-oleic low-linolenic canola, rice bran oil, cottonseed oil and some blends of various oils.

Getting your oil approved 

If you are a manufacturer who would like to get your oil approved download this paper and send it in. We would like to see more oils on this list!