Drain off the excess oil 


  • Most of the frying oil absorption into the chips occurs after they are taken out of the fryer.
  • Proper draining of the chips after frying is an important technique for reducing their fat content. It can reduce the fat content by about 20%.


  • In the 1998 survey, adequate drainage of the basket was observed in 62% of independent outlets.

Workshop Discussion

  • It was agreed that the standard was sound advice and should become part of normal operating practice.
  • One operator reported that the crispness of chips is improved when the basket is hung away from the fryer to drain the frying medium.
  • Event caterers reported that the draining time was probably a challenge because of demand on quick turn around, and would require staff training.


After frying, bang or shake the basket vigorously two times. Hang the basket for at least 20 seconds.