Training is a simple and fast series of videos and questions on the Industry Standards. We suggest you do this training or the refresher course at least once a year so you always have a current certificate on your wall!

How does the training work?

Training takes no more than an hour to complete and you can do it at whatever pace you like – all at once or or you can do part at a time!

Videos are only 2 – 3 minutes long, with the exception of one which is 8 minutes long.

We ask you a few questions on each of the videos.

All the answers are given in the video; so as long as you are listening and watching you are sorted!

What you do… it’s as easy as 1-2-3?

1. Run through the course…

Just pull up a chair, kick back and watch our ten short videos. You might want to watch them a couple of times and will be learning all the time so that will really improve the chips you cook. In fact, we think it is great if you watch each video a couple of times so you really remember it.

2. Take the test!

When you are ready to ‘take the test’ you can find it under Online Training > Full Training Course or Refresher Training, and off you go. We ask for your personal details so we can create and send a personalised certificate to you!

You can stop and start the test as often as you like. You can do it all at once or pick up where you left off on another day.

3. Print your certificate

certificateWhen you have finished the questions you will get the answers straight away and see if you have passed!

If you have passed we will create a printable certificate and we will also send you one soon.

The certificate looks great if you frame it and show it off in your store – or print it to add to your CV if you are applying for a job!

If answered too many of the answers wrong, no worries,  just take the test again!

Watch the videos you had trouble with and answer the questions  again. You can repeat the ‘test’ as often as you need to get the questions right. You might have to repeat this couple of times and will be learning all the time so that will really improve the chips you cook. In fact we think it is great if you repeat the test so you really remember it!

So simple really!

Invest a bit of your time, get a whole lot more skills and earn a certificate to prove you have trained.