How much is a serving?

We think that chips are the only food in NZ that you buy and that you have no idea how much you are buying!  (e.g. Apples you buy by the kilogram, packets are a stipulated weight and liquids  are  measured in litres.)

The Chip Group™ recommends the use of a standard scoop – these are available from equipment suppliers

Even with the recommended scoops operators will need to TRAIN THEIR STAFF (with weighing scales) to ensure that a consistent 330g of uncooked weight is measured.


  • No portion size guidelines for chips were found in the literature


  • 1998 Survey
    Average portion size for independent fast food outlets: 326g (range 119 – 749g).
  • 2007 Survey
    Average portion size for independent fast food outlets: 437g. This is 33% more than reported in the 1998 survey.

Independent fast food

  • If you use a standard portion of 330g you would get 3 portions per 1 kg of chips.
  • Providing consistent 330g portions would have financial benefits for operators.
  • A standard portion size will give consistency across outlets so consumers will know what they are buying when they order a scoop.


  • Portion size and cost equation for restaurants is very different compared with independent fast food outlets. The chip platter is often a side order that is shared among several diners at the table.
  • Chefs said they do not want to get to the escalating American-sized portions and it was appropriate to have a Statement of Intent regarding portion size.

Event catering

  • Portion size is more likely to be controlled in event catering.


A standard scoop of uncooked chips is approximately 330g (approx 3 serves per kg). In some food service and hospitality situations such as where food is shared, a standard scoop may not be appropriate.