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From Paddock to Plate

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Did you know?! Fresh Potatoes have only 0.1-0.2% fat, which is virtually nothing. Earning themselves a ‘Fat free’ label. However it all depends on the cooking technique. Deep frying potatoes adds fat and once cooked, some potato chips can contain up to 20 grams of fat per serve.

But if you just can’t resist the taste of a good chip, then look for chunkier cuts or potato wedges with the skin on. These soak up less fat than shoe-string or crinkle-cut chips and with the skin on they retain all their good nutrients. If your baking them at home some pre-made chip brands are better than others and can be relatively low in fat with only 3-5%, even lower when oven-baked instead of fried.

The Chip Group was created with the goal to serve the tastiest and healthiest chips possible. The Industry Standards are set in place ‘To improve the nutritional quality of chips sold in NZ.” Our standards include advice on which oils to use, keeping the oil in top condition, appropriate serving size and adequate drainage time. By following these guidelines you can reduce the fat content by around 10%.

Straight from the paddock a potato is just about free of fat, and our goal is to keep it as low as possible. Members of The Chip Group are dedicated to serving up chips that are better for both you and your family. So make sure you support those retailers that are doing the right thing by your chips.