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Shake, bang & hang your way to more profit!

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The secret to cooking the best chips lies in three simple words… Shake, Bang & Hang.

You can literally ‘Shake, Bang & Hang’ your way to lower fat, better tasting chips and while increasing your profit.

So why is it so important?

  • Save serious money on your bill
  • Reduce up to 20% of the total fat in your chips
  • Serve customers with lower fat, healthier chips
  • Save oil – by keeping more in the fryer and have less walking out the door on your chips

 How do you do it???

1. The first step is to ‘shake’ the basket vigorously. That means removing most of the excess oil that the chips have soaked up during cooking. Every drop of oil you see dripping back into the fryer is more money that you are saving, instead of spending on new oil.

2. Next is all about the ‘bang’. Banging the chip basket twice on the metal sides of the fryer will see even more oil flying off the chips and back into the fryer. It needs to be a decent bang, but not so hard that it makes a dent in the metal. Any oil going back into the fryer, means lower fat chips for your customers and more money in your pocket.

3. The final step is to ‘hang’ the basket, for at least 20 seconds. The longer you leave the basket hanging, the more fat you can remove. The Chip Group recommends hanging the basket for at least 20 seconds, and longer if possible. This helps those final bits of oil drip back into the fryer, and allows the chips to crisp up instead of becoming soggy.

When it’s a busy Friday night or lunch hour, it’s often tempting to take the chips straight from the oil to the wrapper. But waiting an extra 20-30 seconds can mean the difference between a healthier, crisp delicious chip and a soggy, greasy, oily and horrible one.

So the secrets out – the best chips are simply a shake, bang and hang away!