Oporto Chips just got Healthier

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Great news for all chip lovers, Oporto stores have reduced the fat in their chips by 30% after completing Chip Group training. In the last few months’ staff members from the seven North Island franchises were taken through ‘The Chip … Read More

Refresher Training now LIVE!

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The Chip Group are thrilled to announce that our shortened online ‘Refresher Training Course’ is now LIVE! This quick quiz is designed for those operators who have already completed our full online training and are looking to renew their knowledge … Read More

Merry Christmas from The Chip Group!

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To Our Favourite Chippies,  Thank you for your support in 2015.Thank you to those who have completed our FREE Online Training.Thank you to those who have committed to producing lower fat chips!We will be back in 2016 to continue our … Read More

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