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Chips in the News!

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Check out this great article in The Southland Express.

Southland Express Heart Health Advocate Nov 2010

Well done to Heart Foundation Heart Health Advocate Nicola Mason for her hard work in encouraging chip shops to undertake The Chip Group™ Online Training!

Heart Foundation Heart Health Advocates, have been out and about heading to chip shops to help educate owners and staff on the cooking methods that can be used to improve the nutritional status of chips. They have beeen teaching local operators about the free online training and Industry Standards recommended by The Chip Group™.

We are thrilled the Heart Foundation is lending its support to the campaign to improve the quality of chips.

The Heart Foundation has been a member of The Chip Group™ for a number of years supporting us with our efforts to reduce the fat content of the country’s chips.

Through their Advocates, we hope to take our message out onto the road and directly into shops to increase awareness of how simple cooking practices can make such a big difference to the quality of chips.

Keep an eye out for a Heart Foundation Heart Health Advocate in your area!