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Find Healthier Chips at Pak n Save Deli!

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Does your local Pak n Save sell hot chips?! Over the past few years various Pak n Save stores have started stocking ‘Chicken & Chips’ in their Deli section. With our goal to help improve the health of New Zealanders – we jumped on board with the opportunity to provide healthier hot chips.

The Chip Group have been working in conjunction with Talley’s Limited to ensure that the various North Island Pak n Save stores have all of their staff trained using our Official Chip Group Training.

We take the Deli Managers and staff through individual training to ensure they know everything about deep frying healthier and better tasting chips. So far we have worked with the following Pak n Save stores – so if you just can’t resist a hot chip when you are doing your grocery shopping these stores will be your best bet…

Another bonus of these Pak n Save stores is that they are serving the larger 16mm straight cut chips from the Talleys range – which are thicker, have less surface area, more potato and therefore less fat than skinnier shoestring fries.

A huge thanks to Foodstuffs, Pak n Save and Talleys for their support with this training. We plan on getting around the remaining Pak n Save Franchises throughout the rest of 2016 and beyond!

Pak n Save Mt Albert

Pak n Save Westgate

Pak n Save New Plymouth