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Polytechnic Tutor Challenge – Tairawhiti Polytechnic

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After 21 years as a chef in the armed services, Kevin Gaskin embarked on a career in teaching at Tairawhiti Polytechnic. This career change was the right step for Kevin who since 1995, has tutored students studying towards the Professional Catering National Certificate at the Gisborne-based institution.

Kevin thoroughly enjoys teaching and is constantly on the look out for initiatives that he can incorporate into his classroom as a way of keeping students engaged.

When Kevin came across The Chip Group™ Online Training late last year he immediately knew it would get the attention of his students and reinforce the principles taught in the classroom.

“Straight away when I saw The Chip Group™ Online Training I knew it would go down well with my students because they like computer-based learning.

“The training modules are a really great way for the students to test their knowledge and go over what they have been taught.”

Kevin has incorporated The Chip Group™ Online Training into the nutritional segment of the Certificate and uses it to develop the students frying skills and knowledge of cooking oils.

Tairawhiti Polytechnic student Rebecca Robins has already seen the benefit of the training and has incorporated her newly acquired knowledge into the workplace.

“The Chip Group modules are really great and very informative.  I have already started to use them away from the classroom. I work part-time in a restaurant and have adapted my cooking to follow the techniques I’ve learnt.

“In particular, I am more aware of fat and salt content so I make sure that I drain the chips correctly and apply less salt. I’m also a lot more conscious of the frying oil and what methods I need to use in order to maintain the quality and life of the oil to improve efficiency.

“I’m glad that I’ve undertaken the online training because it’s equipped me with some additional key skills that will enhance my career as a chef.”