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The best chips…

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Last week I went to Rotorua to meet Michael Huang, Oppies Fish and Chip Shop. This has to be one of the nicest Chip Shops I have ever been in – and in my role as Chairperson of The Chip Group I have been in a lot!

There I tasted quite possibly the best chips I have ever tasted – his secret… he has followed The Chip Group Industry Standards to the letter. He buys thick cut chips, cooks them at the right temperature, for the right time, he manages his oil correctly, uses one of the recommended oils and offers a salt sachet so I can choose how much I want them salted. He and his staff are all trained of The Chip Group website. The shop is so clean – and no strong greasy smells – it is fantastic.

When we see smart operators like Micheal following Industry Standards and producing such fabulous chips it makes us very proud.  The truth is we don’t have to settle for greasy soggy chips ever again because the good news is that more and more operators are training to serve you better chips. Great news for chip lovers!

If you are in the Rotorua vicinity I suggest you drop in and meet Micheal and his team – and make sure you sample the chips! I’m sure he’ll be willing to share a few tips!