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2011 Champion Chip Shop Announced…

Word is out! The Winner of the Grand Prize for the Best Chip Shop of 2011 was awarded to:

Oppies Takeaways in Rotorua. After being judged on: taste, quality, fat and salt content, shop cleanliness, customer service and their ability to follow ‘Tips for Better Chips’ they came away with top prize. Support the winners in your region, and check out the Best Chip Shops here. If your going to have chips, you might as well eat the healthiest ones.

Michael Huang, owner of Oppies Takeaways in Rotorua, was very happy about taking out the National prize for 2011, after being a regional winner in 2008 and 2009. He can’t believe how busy he has been since the award was announced. “People who have not eaten fish and chips for years come here because they know we use the healthiest cooking methods.” says Michael.

Speaking about his prize-winning chips, the Chip Group Chairperson Glenda Gourley say, “They are fluffy on the inside and crisp and golden on the outside and they are also low in fat.”

At Oppies, Michael chooses to use rice bran oil and makes sure his staff stick very closely to the industry standard guidelines to craft his famous chips.