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2013 Best Chip Shop Competition soon to be revealed!

Planning for the 2013 Best Chip Shop Competition is well underway! With some exciting new ideas, changes and even more chance to gain recognition for cooking the BEST chips you can.

The competition will be running mid next year with dates to be confirmed in the new year. In preparation for this bi-annual award be sure to brush up on our Industry Standards using your Training login here. To find out more keep an eye on our Facebook page as well as our website.

As you have probably noticed we have been busy clearing out the E-newsletter database of invalid/expired email addresses. So if your email has changed please email me your new address so I can add you to the list and keep you in the loop.

We know you will all be preparing for the busy-season with the classic Kiwi summer of jandals, swimming and Fish and Chips by the Beach. So work hard, spread the word about The Chip Group. Remember to share your photos and stories with us on Facebook and have a great summer everyone!

If you have any other questions or concerns please contact me:

Email – kate@thechipgroup.co.nz

Phone- 022 066 8711