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Miranda doing their bit to cook healthier chips!

The dynamic Mother-and-Son team at Kiwi Taste Café in Miranda are working hard to cook better chips for their customers. The little Café can be found within the Miranda Hot Springs complex and has been known to provide some of the best Fish and Chips New Zealand has to offer. The two recently attended the “Best Practice Frying Workshop” in Thames in March, so we decided to pay them a visit and see how they were getting on.

Rhonda and Max both thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and despite cooking chips for years learnt some awesome new tips! Taking more care with drainage and not overloading the fryer were major points they took away from the session. Ever since the team at Kiwi Taste have been diligent in ensuring they filter everyday and that their vats are thoroughly cleaned every few days. Holiday-makers, tourists and local customers were loving the improvements and chowing down on their tastier chips.

Following the workshop Rhonda and Max found themselves more aware of portion sizes, had noticed a profit and saw major improvements in the taste and quality of their chips. It was inspiring to see how excited they were that by refining the way they cooked their chips they had the power to improve the health of their customers. Rhonda shared a great tip of her own: When she knows that her chips have to travel before they are eaten she chooses not to salt them, and instead provides customers with salt sachets.  She says it keep the chips crisp and fresh and stops them going soggy.

This year we are hoping to hold many more of these ‘Best Practice Frying Workshops’ throughout the country, and Max and Rhonda have already signed their staff up for the next session. The name of their Café sums them up very nicely “The Little shop with the Big Taste.” So if you are heading south from Auckland, take the small detour out to Miranda and treat yourself to some tastier and healthier hot chips. Or check them out on Facebook.

We are really excited to find more great people like Max and Rhonda who are doing their bit to better the taste and nutritional quality of hot chips in NZ! For more info about The Chip Group, Online Training and Industry Standards have a look through our website.