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Otago University Chefs All the Wiser!

Earlier this week a group of Chefs from a range of Otago University Halls of Residence Otago Uni Chefswere taken through their paces, learning about what it takes to cook chips with less fat!

A total of 16 chefs, sous chefs and kitchen hands from a range of different University Colleges attended the Chip Group Training Session.

Students from St Margarets College, Knox College and Salmond College will reap the benefits of this training, with the aim to serve chips (and other deep fried food) with a lower fat content.

They found the session very informative and left discussing the different types of oil and what changes they may need to make. As well as sharing their horror stories about finding old magazines in Fish and Chip waiting rooms dating back to 1992!

The next plan is to head back down to Dunedin later in the year and train the remaining twelve Halls of Residence. These chefs are responsible for serving over 10,000 meals every day to Otago University Students – all of whom will benefit from healthier chips.

If you know of a store or group of people that would benefit from The Chip Group Training – do not hesitate to get in touch!

Contact Kate – 022 066 8711

Email: kate@thechipgroup.co.nz