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The 2013 Competition is coming…Start preparing NOW!

The eagerly awaited 2013 Best Chip Shop Competition is coming this year and it is guaranteed to be bigger and better than before! With a more even playing field, no matter how big or small your shop or town is you all have an equal chance of being acknowledged.

This year our focus is based on lowering the FAT CONTENT in our chips, so all entries whose chips contain less than 10% fat will receive a Highly Commended Award! To improve your chances of winning our advice is for you to get clued up on our Industry Standards, encourage all your staff to go and do the Online Training and start practicing.

Shake, Bang & Hang is one of the most simple ways to reduce fat from a serving of chips. So get excited and make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook Page for the latest tips and info so you can put your BEST chips forward!