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The Chip Group Membership Forum sparks great interest!

The Chip Group held their annual Membership Forum on the 31st October, where we invited everyone with an interest and involvement in the chip-frying industry.

We had a great turn out with around 60 guests from oil producers, to packagers, to distributors, to media and various other fields. Our intention was to present The Chip Group’s plan going forward, to provide an insight into why we exist, to draw attention to the importance of what we are doing and finally to provide the opportunity for other companies to get involved and support our mission!

There is no denying that levels of Obesity throughout New Zealand are rising rapidly. Our large consumption of deep-fried chips means that by improving frying practices and reducing fat in this widely consumed food group – we can do our bit to improve the health of our country.

We were pleased to hear such positive support and a big thanks must go to everyone who took the time out to attend this forum! We look forward to sharing with you all which new businesses and companies are now on board… ‘Working together for better chips’.

If you missed the forum and are interested in getting involved in The Chip Group. Contact Kate: 022 066 8711 or Email: kate@thechipgroup.co.nz