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Thick chips are best

Chips come in all shapes and sizes but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a right way to cook them. The amount of fat content in a chip is affected by the size and cut of the chip and the amount of frying medium used.

Thick, 13mm, straight cut chips are recommended by the Chip Group because they are healthier and can save you money. On average, they absorb 10% of fat meaning that they are not only healthier but use less frying medium.  All of this is good news not only for your customers but also because it saves you money as the fryer doesn’t have to be topped up as often.

Crinkle cut and shoestring chips absorb, on average, 13-15% of fat, whilst thinner straight cut chips, approximately 10mm in size, absorb 11% fat.

By using thick straight cut chips you can make healthier chips and save money. This fits with The Chip Group’s aim of reducing the average fat content of New Zealand’s chips down to 9.2%.