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Update March 2019

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2019 is looking to be a big year for The Chip Group and for traders of New Zealand’s favourite fast food.

Potatoes New Zealand and Chip Group have our biennial conference in Christchurch this year and we will be presenting two big industry awards.

The last few years have seen a snowballing of interest in our yearly People’s Choice Award, which is a popularity contest and then every two years, our Judges’ Supreme Award, which involves lab testing of fat content and mystery shopper judging. 

The success of these campaigns became highly apparent at last years September Chip Fest in Auckland, when we had over 500 businesses nominated for the People’s Choice Award and over 3000 NZ-ers voted for their favourites. 

The Chip Fest was a fabulous and fun party for invited guests and culminated the next morning in a live-to-air segment on Breakfast Television, of the winner, Steve Fair from Masterton’s Mr Chips. Steve was interviewed and filmed with his family, in a chip frying demonstration. 

The exposure for the winner and regional finalists is well worth the time it takes to do the free training and also by following the method, you ensure you’re selling the best possible chips. 

CGBFP is funded by the Ministry of Health, with the goal of reducing fat content, salt content and serving size.  

This is best for your customer’s health, best for chip flavour, chip texture and best for your business, by saving money due to managing your supplies sustainably. 

Entry details are on our website and you will need to have at least one staff member who has completed their Chip Group Best Frying Practice (CGBFP) training or done their refresher course by May 2019. 

The courses are free online and take around 30 minutes for the full course and 15 minutes for the refresher. 

Any CGBFP food service provider who prepares and sells hot chips to the public is eligible to enter the competition. Chips will be sampled for fat content and your chip sample must be no more than 9 percent fat. 

Details of judging criteria will be finalised in April 2019. The Judges’ Supreme Award will be judged by an independent judging panel and the People’s Choice Award judged by text message/SMS and online voting. 

Finalists will receive travel and accommodation to attend the Potatoes NZ Conference in Christchurch on 14th August, where the National Winners will be announced. Prize packages include free product, pavement signs, caps, aprons and certificates. Not to mention the great publicity for your shop, restaurant or café. 

Most importantly New Zealanders will be eating healthier, tastier chips.  

For more information please contact us and remember to register your interest on this site.